Chicago Construction Services

Whether you need help with a small repair job or a large gut rehab, we can help. Our Chicago Construction Services are geared to help investors with whatever construction challenges you face. 


Chicago rental turnover services

Rental Turnover

Did the paint crack a bit with the last tenant? Perhaps they clogged a toilet or punched a hole through the wall. Fix it fast before your next tenant moves in.


Does your property need a lot of work. Like a lot of work. Let’s rebuild the property together.

Property Management/Maintenance

Do you have rental properties? We can help? As licensed Realtors and GC in Chicago we can help with all different aspects of the property management process. 


At the end of the day, we understand how keeping your project in line with budget estimates is essential to any construction project. Whether you have a gut rehab or rental turnover project, we have a laser focus on how to save the most money for your clients. 

  • Detailed Planning
  • On-going Cost Tracking
  • Quisque aliquet velit sit amet
  • Competitive Bids
  • Training and Skill Development
  • Bulk material purchases/Discounts
  • Carefully vetted contractors and subcontractors
  • Reuse/Repurpose materials and tools from previous projects
  • Project management software tracking
  • Regular inspections of work
  • Energy Efficient designs
  • Incentive contracts to ensure high quality and on-time delivery


Most contractors seem like their natural form of communication is grunting. How is the work going? “Ungh! Good.” Can you tell me more? Why, yes please. That is what we do best. At Creative Smart Contractors we communicate how your project is going in the following ways. 

  • Weekly progress reports
  • Access to our online portal (Coming Soon)
  • Set clear objectives from the beginning
  • Working with contractors on improving their interpersonal skills
  • Address all issues in a prompt manner. Note: this should be standard practice but alas the world is not perfect…yet.

Real Estate Quartet

Most contractors are great at… contracting. However, they often don’t see how their work fits into the larger view of your real estate project. We do. That is because we act as a real estate quarter playing all the instruments to make the band sound great. We offer the following services.  

Licensed Realtors

Property Managers



  • We can help you with buying and selling your real estate. 

Do you need us to run a Free Comparative Market Analysis to ensure your property repairs are worth the cost? 

21st-century management strategies that save you time and headaches

Learn about our Fractional Property Management approach to ensure you get the best service for your specific rental needs

We are not lenders but we have a number of real estate investor lending partners

When you schedule a call with us, let us know that you need us to connect you with one of our premium investor lenders

Whether you are flipping a property or need a quick rental turnover, we can help.

Check out our portfolio to see the projects we completed in the past. Note: many are our investment properties. 

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Still, have questions about how we can help you with your next real estate rehab or construction project? Then call us!