About Us

A somewhat long time ago in a completely different real estate environment, two friends got together to invest in real estate. 

It worked. They purchased a number of properties including many gut rehabs. With each project they learned more and more about how to best rehab a property. What needs to happen with managing a budget, selecting the best materials, and finding the right contractors.

Then they took the logical next step. They started helping other investors with their rehab properties. Creative Smart Contractors was born. 

Experience the Creative Smart Way

In an industry where promises often fall short, we take a different approach. We’re not about grand claims, but rather focused on concrete, reliable results. Our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations by delivering exceptional quality, on-time projects, and seamless communication. Choose us for a commitment to excellence, and experience how we consistently under-promise and over-deliver, turning your real estate investments into success stories.

Elevate your real estate investments with our expert general contracting firm. 

  • Creative, quality-driven rehabs
  • Smart approaches to budgets 
  • Way- timely communication, reliability, & problem-solvers.

Pick us to make your investments more profitable.